A Speech for my country!

Fellow citizens, the entire minority and the staff at the chair, we have come today to explain the relationship between the US and the UK. We all know what an honor to be a part of such a historic event like it is today. Our relationship with the UK has their advantages. We share the nuclear which is very important to us. I really enjoy it. “What a pity that was” I love the language, in somehow we all know that this relationship have not always worked. From the history we know that the British never gave up without a fight. They had the most power and the resources to build an army and fight against countries which stood in their way.

This speech is absolutely, one hundred percent very formal and me as the president of the United States will come up with the note “ Yes, we can!”. Obama has spoken. Thank you for your time and welfare to let me do this job. I will thank all the people who have helped me come through this time of disaster. We have come a long way. The military system, the nuclear and the politics are some aspects which show the great relationship between the US and the UK.

Although the US is not desperate for their friendship, the UK is. They need their resources, the military system and their politics to work. In some way the US and the UK are in many ways desperately need for a good friendship and a great relationship to bear on each other, and survive the disasters in the world. Obama has spoken. My word is your word. Thank you my fellow citizens. Have a great evening!
Love Obama


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